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Dale Dale is multi-instrumentalist DJ focused on the synthesis of acoustic and electronic dance music sounds from around the world. With nearly two decades of professional experience as a drummer, DJ and producer, he has performed in clubs and concerts venues around the globe, from London to Havana, to NYC, Los Angeles, Rio De Janeiro and his current home base of Miami. His music productions have been featured in films and TV shows by Warner Brothers, ABC/Disney, CBS, as well as award-winning independent documentaries.

By blending live percussion and a wide variety of old-school and cutting-edge hardware and software instruments into his DJ sets, Dale Dale brings a dynamic, percussive musicality and smooth harmonic mixing style to create a vibe that is both high-energy and relaxed. From mellow balearic beats to dance floor mayhem, Dale Daleuses razor- sharp intuition, honed from years of experience to read any room for the perfect musical vibe.

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